MI Switches/Smart Metering

MI Switches

Rodgers Electrical Services Ltd are fully compliant and authorised installers of mains isolation switches for all L.V. mains installations. We install these on behalf of local authorities, housing associations, maintenance providers and main contractors. We are able to provide this service in most areas of the UK, including the Highlands and Islands and offer reasonable timescales

Mains isolation switches are installed between the metering system and the consumer installation and are necessary to facilitate the safe isolation of an electrical installation. This ensures that a trained individual can work safely, whilst adhering to safe isolation policies and the electricity at work act.

Our product offers a concise way of providing this, giving the ability to lock off the unit and ensure there is no way the installation can be energised in error. The unit is usually needed to allow the replacement of circuit protection and distribution equipment as part of a rewire or electrical upgrade.

Smart Metering

Smart metering provides a large amount of information about the power consumption of an electrical supply. A meter can be programmed to provide focused data for a client to show not only the usage but also the quality of the electrical supply and real time information regarding the installation.

For an organisation with a large portfolio of property, a network of meters can provide invaluable information to ensure efficiencies can be made where possible and to consolidate the billing of electricity to help with budget constraints.

Rodgers Electrical Services Ltd have been installing smart metering for over a decade in commercial and industrial settings. We have provided metering solutions for a wide range of industry suppliers and large organisations, installing new meters and optimising the incoming electrical supplies.